OD Consulting

OD-Picture-1024x871As an organizational development consultant, I am committed to developing organizations and the people in them through planned change. This includes working with individuals, teams and large systems. As an organizational development (OD) consultant, I am concerned with applying behavior science knowledge and practice (ie; leadership, group dynamics, work design, strategic planning, organization design and international relations) to improve the health and vitality of an organization. OD Consulting is an adaptive process for planning and implementing change, and less a blueprint for how things should be done. I partner with my clients to identify problems and create solutions.  With this style, I leave the client system more capable of identifying and solving its own problems, thereby increasing chances for successful implementations now and in the future.

By its nature, OD consulting is unique to each client situation. If you are interested in working with me, below are the kinds of projects I accept. I am affiliated with several consulting partners and have access to a network of professionals when projects require expertise outside of my own.

Coaching (Individual & Group)

Change Management

Organization Redesign
Culture Change


Strategic Planning

Mission, Vision, Values
Stakeholder Analysis
SWOT Analysis

Team Development

Talent Management
Team Development
Group Problem Solving
Team Assessment (See Assessments)


Human Resource Development

Competency Development
Performance Management
Performance Feedback and Coaching